Portfolio Analytics (Commercial Banking)

ROI: return of 866k per annum (18X ROI) for a group of 40 commercial bankers.

Using AI to provide bankers with faster, more meaningful insights to support portfolio strategy, performance coaching, and build deeper customer relationships.

Problems we were tasked to solve and audience

Existing process:

Commercial Bankers are under time pressure to manage an ever-growing number of relationships, understand their client’s business challenges, forecast revenue accurately and be an expert in a large number of potential products.

Accessing accurate, up to date information on their portfolio is time consuming, difficult, and takes away time they could be spending with their clients. Bankers must log in to multiple systems in order to understand basic portfolio health - with no proactivity of alert functionality.

For regional and state general managers - having impactful coaching conversations is difficult without the data and insights to lead the conversation. Additionally, managers are often forced to be reactive to missed targets – and have expressed the desire to be more proactive in highlighting revenue risk

Key areas that Anna addressed:

  • 1.FORECASTING REVENUE - Help bankers forecast their upcoming revenue and get ahead of potential shortfalls.
  • 2.PROACTIVE ADVICE - Rather than waiting for clients to inform them of significant changes in their financial position, Anna proactively alerts account managers to anomalies and big movements that can inform their advice/product offering.
  • 3.EFFICIENT ACCOUNT PLANNING - Sales managers are able to efficiently prepare for quarterly account planning conversations and client meetings by having access to up-to-date accurate insights.
  • 4.SALES MANAGEMENT - Anna allows general managers to quickly obtain a snapshot of team performance, and preparing for detailed coaching conversations with individual team members.
  • Frequently used terms:

  • Forecasting
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Customer Advocacy
  • Pipeline
  • Industry average spend
  • Audience:

  • Commercial Bankers
  • Regional General Managers
  • State General Managers
  • Data:

  • Sales pipeline
  • Customer advocacy (NPS)
  • Number of products sold
  • Financial performance KPIs
  • Risk grades, industry information
  • Forecasting revenue & balance sheet data
  • Result delivered (sample questions)

    Sample Questions

    The overall objective of this project was to provide the ability for both bankers and their managers to self-serve data analytics in relation to business performance and client sentiment. The Hyper Anna team worked with client business and data champions through a methodology of Plan, Build, Test, Deliver and Assess to ensure Anna was delivered with the greatest impact.

    Sample questions include:

  • 1.“Who are my top 20 clients by revenue growth?”
  • 2.“What my mix of customer products by industry?”
  • 3.“Forecast my revenue by product for next quarter”
  • 4.“What is my lending percentage growth by advocacy?”
  • Summary of value


    Time savings worth over 866k per annum (18X ROI) for a group of 40 commercial bankers.

    Summary of value

    For Managers (RGMs and SGMs):

    Proactively aware of business health – leading to better coaching and performance conversations.

  • Anytime access to insights, no need to contact their bankers or log-in to multiple dashboards.
  • Greater transparency – understanding banker performance, benchmarking against industry
  • For Commercial Bankers and Portfolio Managers

    Dramatically improved speed to insight, more impactful client conversations that are led by data and insights.

  • Preparing for client strategy meetings reduced from an average of 4 hours to an average of 15 minutes. There were on average 4 such meetings a week.
  • Increased discoverability of client opportunities and the ability to benchmark performance against similar clients / industries.
  • Screenshots

    Pro-active insights

    Tasks such as creating your own reports or dashboards require the knowledge of where to navigate through your data for insights, but this has been proven difficult and time consuming.

    Using the power of AI, Hyper Anna executes millions of hypotheses to discover complex patterns in datasets. The most practical and relevant insights are then pro-actively delivered to your inbox. In contrast to large teams of analysts finding answers from data, Hyper Anna will single- handily do it in a matter of hours.

    In this example below, Hyper Anna automatically suggests a manager to look at the Relationship Managers that are over or- under-performing significantly, and importantly, what factors contributed to this.

    Ask anything

    Getting insights from data is now as simple as asking a question.

  • Surpass the “create vs. consume” dichotomy of reports and dashboards by giving all users access to a self serve platform
  • Govern your data centrally but democratise access to all
  • In this example below, a manager has asked Anna to analyse revenue performance by product.

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