Sales Performance Analytics

(Financial Services Industry)

Enhance your sales analytics with Anna

Background information:

Salespeople and relationship managers have limited time to manage an ever-increasing number of relationships, understand their client’s business challenges, forecast revenue accurately and be an expert in a large number of potential products.

Front-line sales teams were asking for up to date information about which client to contact and what to upsell/cross-sell. While they did have some basic reports and dashboards that had been created by their analyst team, most of the salesforce relied on piecemeal excel spreadsheets to manage their books. They were unable to answer ad-hoc questions that arose or compare performance across industry/teams.

We were tasked to help the organisation:

Who were we able to help?

  • Front-line sales
  • Account Managers
  • General Managers
  • Relationship Managers
  • ROI Delivered

    Before Anna, the process of gathering the required data and insights was estimated to take an average of 2 business days (16 hours).

    After the implementation of Anna - this was reduced to 90 minutes per rep - saving 14.5 hrs per quarter, per rep. This equated to a time-saving worth over $311K per annum (7X ROI) for a group of 44 sales reps in the pilot group.

  • Front line sales: are able to quickly see their performance against KPIs and quota (such as new logo acquisition targets), and understand how they are pacing against their sales targets.
  • Account managers: now have a proactive way to keep track of changes in their client base (such as churn, growth and policy changes), and and can quickly offer clients a tailored value added products or solution.
  • Sales management team: can quickly detect underlying industry shifts in performance and needs from clients/branches/territories. They can also discover the top or bottom performing salespeople/teams, and the key drivers for their performance from various factors, such as the client/product/sector and penetration. This allows for better coaching conversations to help their team achieve quota.
  • See Anna in action

    Snapshot of your business

    Automated creation of dashboards and reports. Log into Hyper Anna to see an executive summary of all the key business measures straight away.

    Using the power of AI, Hyper Anna executes millions of hypotheses to discover complex patterns in datasets, to deliver the most relevant insights proactively within seconds.

    In this Commercial Banking dataset example below, Hyper Anna automatically look into overall performance in terms of revenue and what key drivers have contributed to changes significantly.

    What caused this?

    Uncover the "what" and "why" in your insight, with all the data analysed instantly, to surface the most significant drivers of change.

    In this example below, the sales manager finds out why the sudden drop in revenue for a customer.

    Search and Drill Down

    Getting insights from data is now as simple as asking a question. Search a topic and explore its impact in any direction.

    See the business with a personalised viewpoint, or get deeper insights on a specific detail that may not have been easily acquirable normally.

    In this example below, the sales manager asks Anna to analyse revenue trend for his team of Relationship Managers.

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