Marketing Analytics

Enhance your marketing analytics with Anna

Background Information

Marketing team will be tasked to assist in achieving some or all of these marketing goals: customer acquisition, new product launch/campaigns, and Customer Retention programs.

However, although dashboards and reports are common tools to report on customer metrics today, most of these tools do not cater for marketing analytics, unless specified. As a result it will take an extensive amount of time for the team to build and consolidate all relevant reports, and come up with a highly relevant go-to-market strategy.

With the large amount of inflows on customer data, it is almost impossible for the team to make real time and accurate marketing decisions, as there's no easy way to dive into the data given and identify the right customer stories hidden away in the data.

We were tasked to help the marketing team within an organisation to:

Who were we able to help?

  • Brand managers / Brand management teams
  • Product managers / Product management & marketing teams
  • CRM / Customer acquisition / loyalty / retention / promotional teams
  • ROI Delivered

    Before Anna, the process of gathering the required data and insights was estimated to take an average of 5 business days (40 hours) to build an accurate understanding of customer profiles & behaviours per each business case - with business cases often built of quarterly, half yearly or yearly planning cycles.

    After the implementation of Anna - this was reduced to 2 hours - saving 38 hours per business case (approximately 1 week per business case). This equated to a time-saving worth over $1.2M per annum (26X ROI) for a group of 40 managers in the pilot group building a quarterly business case.

    Using AI to provide marketers with faster, more meaningful insights to support marketing strategy and help them reach target customers.

    Allowed marketing teams to obtain a personalised understanding of their current & target customers, with the ability to profile, deep diving across various areas - such as demographics, product behaviours/sales, channel preferences and loyalty.

    See Anna in action

    Snapshot of your business

    Automated creation of dashboards and reports. Log into Hyper Anna to see an executive summary of all the key business measures straight away.

    Using the power of AI, Hyper Anna executes millions of hypotheses to discover complex patterns in datasets, to deliver the most relevant insights proactively within seconds.

    In this Retail CRM dataset example below, Hyper Anna automatically look into overall performance in terms of brands and categories, what are under- or over-performing significantly, and importantly, the factors that contributed to this.

    What caused this?

    Uncover the "what" and "why" in your insight, with all the data analysed instantly, to surface the most significant drivers of change.

    In this example below, the Brand Manager finds out what has caused the increase in handbags' sales.

    Search and Drill Down

    Getting insights from data is now as simple as asking a question. Search a topic and explore its impact in any direction.

    See the business with a personalised viewpoint, or get deeper insights on a specific detail that may not have been easily acquirable normally.

    In this example below, the Brand Manager ask Anna to find out the which brand is contributing in sales.

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